Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Czech Republic

For tourists who frequently visit the Czech Republic, it is recommended to have a travel insurance multi trip instead of buying a travel insurance good only for a one-time visit. Not only is it cheaper, it also saves time in arranging travel plans. Czech Republic’s rich historical sites and breath-taking landscapes make it a famous haven for tourists. Most of the foreign visitors that come to Czech Republic come from Poland, Israel, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom and the United States.


Expats in the Czech Republic should secure themselves with multi-trip travel insurance to make sure they get medical protection, no matter where in the world they might need it. International Medical Group is a specialist in this type of coverage, providing benefits that are created particularly for habitual global travelers. Millions of clients are counting on IMG today in more than 170 countries the world over.

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Moving to the Czech Republic or any other overseas destination is not simple, especially when there are school age kids in the picture. School Choice International helps make it a lot easier by helping with school placements. The SCI team is composed of professionals who have masters, doctorate and other advanced degrees in education and business administration, including consultants who specialize in educating students with special needs.

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