Allergies in Denmark



Summer in Denmark is a high season for hay fever and asthma. Hay fever symptoms include runny nose, streaming eyes, sneezing fits and difficulties in breathing. Persons who have grass pollen allergies, house dust mite allergies and birch allergies will have to endure the hay fever season.

Other allergic pollens found in Denmark are alder, hazel, elm, and mugwort.

There is an increasing number of patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR) found in densely populated areas such as Copenhagen. Most European countries are likely to suffer from ragweed pollen; Denmark included. Ragweed allergy is said to be the main cause of allergic rhinitis in North America.

One of the most frequent contact allergens in Denmark is nickel, a metal used in theproduction of accessories and tools for both personal and industrial purpose. Nickel sensitivity is the most usual cause of contact dermatitis and is more prevalent in women or girls. It is sometimes seen as eczema-redness, blisters and cracking of skin. Consequently, the country has regulated the use of nickel, and the allergy cases have dropped dramatically.

Allergies should not be treated lightly as they can become serious and life threatening. Having private health insurance in Denmark is an absolute must for foreigners who are not provided health insurance by their employers. It is also a good idea to supplement the state provided health with international insurance in Denmark.