Applying for a Visa in Denmark



EU, EEA and Nordic nationals do not have any restrictions when entering and working in Denmark. The only thing they need to do is prove their nationality by presenting a valid passport or ID card. 

Short Stay Visa 

Danish visas are only issued for short term stays, although there are many nationals of other countries that can stay in Denmark without a visa for three months such as US, Canada and Australia to name a few. Within the three months, they cannot take employment. 

Processing time varies depending on the purpose of the visit. Visits to families and friends may take about 12 weeks to process. 

Business, Cultural, Private and Tourists Visa 

Specific rules are implemented for other types of visas such as business visits, cultural visa, private and tourists. Those who are subject to work permit regulations cannot be granted a business visa. Issuance of business visa is in connection with a business visit if there is an actual commercial relationship between the applicant's company and the company/organization that applicant wish to visit. This business relationship must have been established prior to the visit. Processing time for business visits will take four to six weeks. 

Work and Residence Permit 

Foreign nationals need to apply for a permanent visa to be allowed to stay in Denmark for more than three months. Having a residence permit allows foreign nationals to study or work in Denmark. 

All residence permits are applied for at the local Danish Embassy or Consulate General of applicant's home country or legal residence for the last three months. 

For more information, visit the website of the Danish immigration Service