Emergency Numbers in Denmark



“De har kaldt alarmcentralen 112. Brandvæsen, politi og ambulance. Vent roligt her”.

Foreigners will hear that automated Danish message when calling the emergency call centre "112," which means "You have called the emergency call centre 112. Fire service, police and ambulance. Please wait."

Non-Danish speakers need not worry, as emergency staff can speak English. Emergency calls are usually answered within 10 seconds. The 112 call centre send anambulance, police or fire services immediately. Another number designated for police assistance is 114 (for non-emergency cases). Use of public ambulance is free of charge.

Doctor's office hours are from 8am to 4pm. Patients who need to get in touch with his/her GP beyond these hours will have to call the emergency doctor service. Each area has a different telephone number which can be found in the yellow pages like for Copenhagen (70-13-00-41), Aarhus/Central Jutland (70-11-31-31), Northern Jutland (70-15-03-00) and Southern Denmark (70-11-07-07).

For area-specific emergency, visit the emergency medical service website. The website is in Danish and those who do not speak Denmark's mother tongue will need the help of Danish speaking friends/colleagues to help get the correct emergency number.

When calling the emergency doctor service, the on-duty doctor will assess the situation and advise if the patients need to proceed to the hospital or visit his/her designated GP the next day. Expats will find that having international health insurance in Denmark can be helpful to expats facing medical emergencies while overseas.



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