Guide to Dental Care in Denmark



Legal residents or citizens can choose any dentist without consulting a GP. Dentist listings are readily available in the yellow pages and online directories.

Free dental healthcare is available to children until the age of 18. Kids at the age of two are enrolled in Denmark's "municipal children and youth dental system" that will enable them to get check-ups every half a year and appropriate dental treatments in clinics till they reach 18. Expats with private health insurance in Denmark will be reimbursedfor the dental treatment costs depending on the coverage of the policy. The financial assistance provided by international health insurance in Denmark usually pays for regular and special treatments and major dental operations.

Dental care is expensive in Denmark but less expensive compared to US standards. An average dental check costs about DKK300.00 (approximately USD$51.00) and filling a cavity can range between DKK500.00 (approximately USD$85.00) to DKK800.00 (approximately USD$137.00). Dentist office hours are from 8am to 4pm. For any dental emergencies outside the working hours, call "emergency dental service" found in the phone book or online. The Danish Dental Association provides a complete list of dentists and emergency dentist services per region; however, the website is only in Danish.



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