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You have finally received your offer for a position in Denmark or your spouse has just had a job assignment there? Well, Denmark is the smallest Scandinavian country, but enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world, and that also means that insurance and access to protection in the country is top quality. With the country’s reputable, safe environment, it’s easy to forget that you can still be vulnerable to many things. It’s importantto learn what are the benefits you will need to ask in your relocation contract or what are the protection you will need to seek should the benefits from your employer not be enough.

Getting Insurance

In Denmark, the Danish FSA regulates all financial companies and policies such as insurance. It will be good to check if the company you are looking to sign up with is registered in the FSA.

Most insurance in Denmark are voluntary, such as life and health coverage. The mandatory protection are workers’ compensation for employers, third party liability for car owners and for dog owners. International insurance companies also have a large presence in the country. You can get policies from big companies such as Zurich Insurance, and Lloyd’s.

Life, private medical, property and travel insurance are voluntary in Denmark. If you want these additional protection, which is strongly recommended, you have a wide range of choices for insurance products offered by local and international providers. Expats, including foreign students, are covered by the public healthcare system. If you’re a citizen of Nordic countries, EU/EEA and the UK, you’re automatically insured upon arrival in Denmark. Otherwise, you’d need to register and wait for six weeks before you can avail of free healthcare services. Many expats purchase a short-term medical plan good until they’re covered under the public health insurance system.

First start with understand what your employer will cover. For that you can discuss internally with your HR manager and asses the need for you to seek supplemental insurances.


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Importance of Insurance

Regardless of where you live, insurance is a necessity. It offers supplemental protection to social services you’re already entitled to. It ensures peace of mind whenever you’re on the road (or, airspace).

A travel insurance, for an instance, covers medical expenses, flight accident, lost luggage and other travelling-related losses. It can also include an emergency repatriation feature in case of natural calamities or political turmoil in your host country. A property insurance covers household contents against damage, burglary, fire, flooding and other external factors.

Without insurance, you’re walking on a wire without any safety net to break your fall.

Local Insurance in Denmark

In Denmark, a property insurance, which covers household contents, is also known as family insurance. It protects your belongings and all the tenants in registered in your address. Know whether your property insurance includes personal liability insurance, which covers damages you may have caused to other people and their property.

An international private medical insurance usually covers accidents. Nevertheless, you can purchase a stand-alone accident insurance plan in Denmark. A basic accident insurance protects you and your family against costs related to injuries caused by others. An extended accident insurance provides coverage for any other causes.

Most global insurance companies operate in Denmark although you won’t run out of local choices. In choosing the right life, non-life and medical insurance, you can check your options via comparative resources online. You can compare insurers, products, features and premium rates. You may also speak with an insurance broker well-versed in matching your needs with suitable insurance products. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember: it’s better to be safe than sorry!



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