Health Tips When Moving To Denmark



Prevention is the key for any travelers to stay healthy in Denmark, or in any other country abroad. Planning before departure will definitely pay off in case of any pre-existing illnesses.

The common problem of prolonged flights due to immobility is blood clots on the legs. DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis is swelling or pain of the food, ankle or calf, or even lungs which may cause chest pain. When travelling to Europe, get sufficient sleep on the plane, move around, and do some stretching when awake to stimulate one's circulation and to avoid jet lag. 

The difference in time zone can be a little difficult. Upon arrival, try to adapt to the local time such as taking meals and by taking a nap at the appropriate local hour. Rest assured after a day or two one can adjust to the local time zone. 

Basic remedies for headache, blisters and motion sickness will be useful and must be packed for emergencies. 

All medications should be in their original and clearly labeled containers. Prescriptions should indicate one's medical condition signed and dated by a physician. It would be a good idea to add the generic name. 

There is a high standard of hygiene in Denmark. Tap water is generally safe. It is still best to wash hands with soap and water regularly before eating. Alcohol based hand gel with 60% alcohol is a second option if water is not available.