Prepare for high expenses in Denmark

The cost of living in Denmark is steep. However, compared to other countries, Denmark also has a high level of compensation and most of the welfare system provided to the people is free.

Despite Copenhagen's making it to the list of most expensive cities in the world, it also ranks as one of the best places to live. Achieving a good balance between family and work can be realised in Denmark.

The Danish national currency is the Danish Krone (DKK). Denmark is one of few remaining states that did not join the single currency of the EU, the euro. The Danes' decision to be exempted from the euro is due to its steady success over the past decades.


Ranking in Europe: 10th most expensive

Compared to United Kingdom: 75% cheaper

Compared to Croatia: more expensive, almost double

Rented accommodations in multi-storey buildings are mostly privately owned and found in urban areas. Most of the properties for lease are of a high standard and spacious. A typical house in the suburbs has a garden. Some of the most beautiful apartments are located in picturesque historical buildings.

Prices vary depending on the location. Monthly rent estimates are as follow:

Two-bedroom apartment

From kr 10,046

Two-bedroom detached house

From kr 11,162 

Two-bedroom terraced house

From kr 15,000

One-bedroom flat with an attached bathroom

kr 4,000 - kr 7,000 

Two-bedroom furnished flat

kr 5,500 – 26,500 

Three-bedroom furnished flat

kr 9,000 – 33,500 

Most lease contracts include the cost of utilities in the monthly rent. If it is not covered, utility bills like gas, electricity and water will depend on consumption and are expensive in Denmark, as the locals limit the energy consumption to protect the environment. Usually, the cost of a monthly internet connection is at kr 150 – 200.

Food & Beverage 

Ranking in Europe: most expensive, 145% of the average

Dining out and eating in are both expensive, but ingredients are often of good quality. Expats can enjoy many restaurants offering international cuisines in Denmark.

A typical low-cost meal is approximately kr 50.00. A luxurious dining experience can cost kr 175.00 or more. Dinner out for two in an Italian restaurant with wine and dessert costs kr 680.

A loaf of bread

kr 9.00

1 litre of milk

kr 7.28 

Ten medium eggs

kr 24.00

1kg of cheese

kr 81.36

1kg of premium coffee

kr 62.33

Daily menu in business district

kr 136 

One Big Mac Meal

kr 60 – 75 

A pack of 20 Danish cigarettes

kr 34.00 

One small bottle of beer

kr 6.00 


Ranking worldwide: most expensive (Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city)

Denmark is one of the countries with a high value added tax (VAT). It is a flat rate of 25%. However, public transportation and healthcare costs are not taxable in Denmark.

When it comes to public transport, a monthly ticket costs kr 436 while one inner city bus ticket costs kr 20 – 24.

For expats with cars, 1 litre (1/4 gallon) of gas costs kr 10.50 – 12.


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