Real Estate in Denmark



After three consecutive quarters of economic growth, Denmark’s real estate market is slowly emerging with rising property prices.

However, for foreigners, acquiring real estate properties can be tricky. Special restrictions are imposed on foreign ownership such as buying summer holiday homes (sommerhuse) in coastal areas. On the other hand, purchases of "all year round properties" which are not located in coastal areas are allowed if conditions are met. 

Non EU/EEA nationals who are not residents of Denmark, or have not resided in the country for a period of five years will need a residence permit to acquire properties and permission from the Ministry of Justice. Non-EU/EEA nationals need to also confirm that the property will be used for residence throughout the year. 

EU nationals who are working in Denmark do not need permission to acquire properties, however, they are required to have a confirmation statement attached to the deed that properties will be for year-round residence. 

Many banks or mortgage credit institutions provide help when purchasing properties in Denmark. Usually, prospective buyers can loan up to 80% of the property value. Buyer certificates are needed when making a quick offer on properties for sale.

Expats can use the help of an estate agent when acquiring properties and a solicitor to conduct the legal papers. The process would take several months.