Self-Employed in Denmark



Denmark is a favorite location of foreign investments.

One can start as a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, public company, private limited company, and limited liability cooperative. 

For a private company, one director can handle the business while a public limited company will need at least three board members and a managing director. The designated board of members must be a resident of EEA. 

One can consult a lawyer to manage all the legal paperwork in Denmark. Afterwards, one must register at the Central Business Register (CVR). Regardless of the economic structure, all companies (public and private business) must be registered in CVR. is a business internet portal by the public sector in Denmark where one can set up a business and find necessary forms to make necessary declarations on behalf of the company. Once the company is registered, the company's information can be viewed by the public through the portal. Also, the portal allows tax declarations (such as VAT) to be submitted online and as well as changing the company information. 

All companies must be registered at DCCA. An authorized translation is required if the company is registered in another language, although exceptions may be granted for subsidiaries of foreign companies. Registration involves submitting a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. 

Raising funds in Denmark can be secured in many ways such as venture capitalists, banks, the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, private investors and institutional investors. 

Hiring citizens of EEA countries is legal in Denmark, as there is no need for a work or residence permit. Start-up companies should make sure that all requirements and paperwork have been met before hiring a citizen outside the EEA.