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Most of the people who move to Denmark decide to rent an apartment or home, rather than purchase a property. In Denmark, it is possible to rent privately from a landlord as elsewhere, but it is also possible for all residents to rent socially, through waiting lists of building associations or housing offices. Rental prices for accommodation tend to be very expensive, even higher in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. This rental price usually does not include any of the utilities, which must be paid separately. Unfurnished apartments are usually a little less expensive than furnished ones. The security deposit required can be as much as three months' worth of rent. The tenant must give a notice of three months to terminate the tenancy. However, the landlord also has to give a notice of three months to raise the rent. The rent tribunal in Denmark can have the amount of rent adjusted on a property if it is higher or lower than other properties that are in the same area or neighborhood. It can also extend a limited tenancy into an unlimited tenancy. People with lower incomes are allowed to apply for a subsidy for rent. Available rental properties can generally be found in newspaper classifieds, real estate agencies, and online internet listings.

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