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Moving Services in Denmark

In order to move to Denmark, there are legal requirements that have to be met. Citizens of most countries in Europe do not need a visa in order to live and work in Denmark. Citizens of some countries such as the United States, Australia and Canada need to get a visa giving them permission to stay in Denmark for three months, but this may require proof of return ticket, sufficient funds, and travelers’ insurance, and they are not allowed to work on this visa. The tourist visa is interchangeable with all other Schengen area countries of Europe. Staying in Denmark longer than three months requires a residence permit. This implies that the person who is receiving the permit will be working in Denmark, which requires a separate permit. Some foreigners are allowed to get a three year residence permit that can be extended, if they can score 100 points in the areas of education, language, work experience, age, and adaptability, and if they have health insurance. It is possible to get Danish citizenship after living in Denmark 9 years, or 8 years if on refugee status. Some foreigners can get Danish citizenship in even less than 8 years time living in Denmark, such as those who are married to a national of Denmark, or those from other Scandinavian countries.

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