Cost of Living Advantage in Dominican Republic



Compared to Europe and North America, the cost of living in the Dominican Republic is considerably lower. According to this website, it is about 20% and 45% cheaper than Belgium and London respectively.


Compared to US: approximately 70% cheaper

Since the demand for rental accommodations in the Dominican Republic is quite high, foreign nationals looking for a flat or apartment are recommended to do their research in advance to compare prices and reserve the chosen accommodation the soonest possible time. 

Average rental prices:

 One-bedroom apartment city centre 

USD$385 - USD$500 pcm 

 One-bedroom apartment Outside city centre

USD$250 - USD$400 pcm

Three-bedroom apartment city centre

USD$780 - USD$1,000 pcm 

Three-bedroom apartment Outside city centre

USD$400 - USD$550 pcm 


Compared to US: 50% higher in telecommunications, but way cheaper for basic utilities and the Internet

You'll find that you'll have the highest quality service for only a fraction of what you spend in your home country.

Average utility prices:

  • Water, Gas, Electricity, Heating & Garbage - USD$54
  • Internet (10Mbps DSL) - USD$43
  • 1 minute prepaid mobile local call - USD$0.18

Food & Beverage

Compared to US: approximately 30-60% cheaper

Groceries are generally affordable in the Dominican Republic. Even high-standard restaurants are cheaper than they would be in other countries.

Average food prices:

Meal for two in an inexpensive restaurant


Three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant


McDonalds combo meal (fast-food chain prices)


1 litre of milk


One dozen eggs


1kg of chicken breasts


One bottle of domestic beer


One bottle of imported beer


One bottle of mid-range wine



Compared to US: 70% cheaper for public transport, but double for taxi and gasoline

Average transport costs:

  • Taxi flag-down rate - USD$3.85
  • Taxi rate every 1km - USD$3.25
  • One litre of gasoline - USD$1.40
  • Monthly public transport ticket - USD$28
  • One-way local transport ticket - USD$0.55


  • Income tax

Based on a progressive scale, it starts from 15% up to 25%. The first $9,500 earned in a year is free of tax, but the subsequent $5,000 after that will be subject to tax already.

  • Value-added tax (VAT) / “Impuestos de transferenciasbienesindustrializados y servicios” (ITBIS)

It is currently set at 16%. Consumers should take note that when purchasing items, the VAT is not yet included in the total price and must be paid on top of it.

Our estimates are based on You may view the full price comparison against the US here.


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