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The most compelling reason for one to get insurance is peace of mind, but there are so many other benefits of insurance that you can take advantage of in the Dominican Republic. Insurance is protection against the financial impact of incidents, you can read more from our Global insurance guide for expats before drilling down to your specific need for the Dominican Republic. The local insurance industry in the country is quite small, but there are still many ways to make sure you and your family are well-protected during your stay in the beautiful Dominican Republic.

Getting Insurance

Start from talking to your employer, what is usually offered in your benefit package?

Although expats may avail of the basic national health service, it’s inadequate for your medical services. You may secure a plan where you can reimburse expenses from your insurance company or one where your insurer will cover a large portion of healthcare expenses. An international private medical insurance plan is probably the best way to go, which can protect in most expat destinations worldwide.

Though the insurance industry in The Dominican Republic is still small, expats in the country can still get life, medical, property, auto and travel insurance plans. You may secure coverage from private international or a local insurer. If you have an existing life insurance, you should inquire if your insurer has an office in your host country to make possible claims easier.

The Dominican Republic is country prone to natural disasters. It’s imperative that you secure property coverage for fire, flooding, earthquakes and hurricanes. You should also get insurance for break-ins. Most non-life insurance providers in the country are international companies or are affiliated to one. If your expat package has a tenancy management and rent is paid by the company, check if it comes with the proper protection as well.

Importance of Insurance 

Regardless of where you are in the world, insurance protection is a necessity. The peace of mind a property insurance plan provides is priceless. No need to worry about breaking the bank in the event of property damage or loss due one of the fierce typhoons that regularly visit the Dominican Republic. Your household contents can also be protected via a property insurance that covers burglary.

"Good hospitals in the capital and Santiago. Make sure you have insurance."- Lindsay de Feliz, Expat in the Dominican Republic

Healthcare expenses can easily ruin your budgeting whether you’re in your home country or abroad. In many cases, the universal healthcare system is not far from adequate. It’s strongly recommended that you secure a private insurance for you and your family. If your expat employment contract doesn’t provide for one, you should speak with insurance brokers to help you out.

Local Insurance in the Dominican Republic

The local insurance industry in the Dominican Republic is one of the smallest in the Caribbean. The non-life sector, which includes medical and property insurance, is expected to expand by 2021, representing 1.0% of the gross domestic product. The life sector will only account 0.1% of the economy. Nevertheless, you will not run out of options whether from local or international insurers.

You can get local and regional insurance coverage for The Dominican Republic and the rest of the Caribbean through Seguros KLING & Co.. International insurance companies such as Pacific Prime, and April International also offer insurance products in The Dominican Republic.

Due to the geographical location and the climate profile of the Dominican Republic, it’s imperative that you get a property insurance. The inadequate public healthcare system is a compelling reason for you to get a private medical insurance for your entire household.

Comparative information on various insurance products is available on the Internet, making it easier for you to choose the right insurer and products. If you need assistance, insurance brokers are well-equipped to guide you. An insurance broker will assess your profile and match it with a suitable plan.



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