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Dominican Republic prides itself on possessing one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the Caribbean. However, expats should be mindful that the cost of these excellent medical services can be quite costly, so it is best to come prepared in terms of securing adequate healthcare coverage.

Generally speaking, the standard of healthcare in the Dominican Republic varies a great deal, depending on which medical facility a patient seeks services. More often than not, private clinics and hospitals have greater services and advanced medical equipment, but for a price. The Dominican Republic has three types of healthcare systems in place: the socialised system, the Social Security system, and the private medical system. Though contributions to the social security guarantees access to free or subsidised care, most locals still end up paying for the services mostly because the local government only budgets 1% of the national GDP on healthcare. Thus, over half of the expenses are covered by the members themselves.

Healthcare Coverage for Expats

Employees in the Dominican Republic that earn RD 4,000 or around USD 85 per month are automatically covered. However, it only covers the worker and not his dependents. It is also not inclusive of maternity care for the expatriate’s spouse. Some companies also provide iguala or health/medical coverage at local private clinics at no cost, but expats must be mindful that if the insurance accredited clinic or doesn’t have the specialist they require, they will be forced to go to a medical facility where they need to pay for their treatment.

Foreign nationals who are planning to live or work in the Dominican Republic are strictly recommended to take out private health insurance that can provide coverage for them during their stay in the country. As mentioned above, the standard of health service in the Dominican Republic varies widely, so it is best to be sure that all medical emergencies will be covered.

Visiting a Doctor

Depending on the doctor-in-charge or clinic, bills can range from RD$400 to RD$3,000 for a first-time visit. The most modern equipment and well-trained medical staff can be found in private clinics and hospitals. However, medical bills can be quite hefty since they provide fee-for-service health care. Expatriates in the Dominican Republic can search for a doctor and specialist by visiting looking at the list published by the United States embassy headquartered in Santo Domingo. Most of these medical professionals speak English. Dentists in the Dominican Republic, on the other hand, are also highly trained. Many foreign nationals especially from the US go to this country because of the excellent yet affordable dental work.

Hospitals in the Dominican Republic

The standard of health services provided in the socialised and Social Security system is said to be quite poor and inadequate. Public hospitals and clinics often lack properly trained staff, medical facilities and medicines. More often than not, patients falling under the socialised category are required to pay for prescriptions and other additional materials that they need – making it all the more difficult for them to settle medical bills, which in theory should be free of charge.

Those covered by the Social Security system are a bit luckier because some Social Security clinics provide sufficient health services for patients. Those who have a complementary insurance can also take advantage of some benefits that come with the policy. The population of the Dominican Republic that can afford health services from private medical facilities are estimated at 10% only. Below are some of the hospitals that expats will find in the Dominican Republic:

Calle Beller #42, Santo Domingo

Tel: 809 688 4411

Av. Ortega y Gasset, Ensanche La Fe, Santo Domingo

Tel: 809 565 9989

Autopista Duarte, Km. 2.8, Santiago De Los Caballeros

Tel: 829 947 2222

Puerto Plata 57000

Tel: 809 586 2342

Carretera Sosua-Cabarete Km 1, Sosua

Tel: 809 571 4696


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