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Once you receive your job offer for a posting in Ecuador, you will start your research and find out that actually some social services, such as the healthcare system, are still inadequate to cover all of expats’ needs. This needs to be discussed over your contract and benefits package with you HR department. If your package provides only cash allowance, lump sum type of policy, you can bridge the gap in the basic protection services that you can get in the country by getting the appropriate insurance plans to fully cover you and your family when you move to Ecuador. Learn more about what you can get and how you can get protected through the help of insurance policies below.

Getting Insurance

Over the years, Ecuador’s healthcare system has improved from being one of the lowest ranked in Latin America to the 20th best in the world. One major factor is the increased budget for new public hospitals and clinics as well as high-tech equipment and healthcare providers. Expats can get social security healthcare, the public healthcare and the private healthcare through a monthly salary deduction by contribution of both the employee and the employer.

There are local companies that can offer a variety of insurance products, but most expats in the country still prefer getting international insurance plans for all the specialised services and benefits they can get as expats. International insurance also has a wider range of coverage which means you can seek medical treatment abroad (back to your home country if needed). International insurance companies such as Aetna and AIG, offer insurance plans for expats in Ecuador

Importance of Insurance

A comprehensive insurance plan is your family’s protection against the financial impact of unforeseeable events. The untimely death of the breadwinner can result to financial woes, similarly with an accident or prolonged illness. When you and your family move to Ecuador, insurance plans will protect you and ensure you peace of mind. Read more from our Global insurance guide here.

Do you know that you can buy a property in Ecuador at a fraction of the price in the US or Europe? Foreigners who purchase a house are also offered Ecuadorian residency. It’s imperative that you get a property insurance that will cover your house and household contents in the event of a burglary, fire, flooding and other force majeure. When you buy a car in Ecuador, remember that liability insurance is mandatory. The car insurance, also known as SOAT, covers medical expenses in the event of an accident.

These are just some of the risks that you need to prepare for when you’re living abroad. Make sure that you don’t leave your loved ones and your assets unprotected.

Local Insurance in Ecuador

There is a wide range of options for you when it comes to life, private healthcare, property, car and travel insurance in Ecuador. There are international and local insurers that offer plans suitable to varying needs and budget. The public healthcare system in the country has significantly improved in recent years. Expats may voluntarily contribute to the social security system and avail of in- and out-patient care, surgery and other services. The coverage includes hospital lodging and medicines, and imposes no age restriction

Although you’re covered under the social security healthcare and public healthcare, it’s still advisable that you secure an international private medical insurance plan as a supplement. This will ensure you faster service and a wider range of options for hospitals and doctors.

Ecuador is prone to natural calamities, mainly because of its geographical location. The most common calamity is flooding, followed by volcano eruptions, earthquakes, landslides and wildfire. Thus, it’s a must that you secure a property insurance whether you’re buying or leasing a property.

Aside from the mandatory liability insurance, you can also secure an optional collision insurance. This will limit your obligations to deductibles in case of a collision.

Seek assistance from an insurance broker in purchasing an insurance plan. Ask around, or ask your Human resources department or hiring manager who they recommend. A professional broker is equipped with the knowledge needed to make sure you get the right protection for you and your family. You can go also directly to the insurers that ExpatFinder has selected for you over the years, and find all the necessary support and advice from them.


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