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For expats with children, the education system in a prospective host country is of utmost importance. While the work an expat may be taking on is certain to be of importance, if the expat’s children cannot find decent education while abroad, it may put them behind in their studies and even put their future at risk. Not all countries have equally fine educational institutions, so this is a major concern expats must make before the move.


Fortunately, there are many choices in how to find local schools that are a suitable match. Using a school advisory board is the simplest measure, wherein expats simply hire a company to scout out local schools and pass along rankings and other information so the family can quickly and easily make a decision without wasting hours of time. While this option is great for those with limited time before the move, the search is not as personal and the expat and children may not receive as accurate an assessment of the school.


Conducting a personal school search is another great option to consider, where the expat and children can personally look at the details and request information from local schools, whether they be public, private, religious or international in scope. This is a great way to get a sense of how the school works and meet staff personally, but also a much longer process and more difficult to carry out.


Regardless of the means used to locate the perfect schools, it is important to discuss all choices in depth. In some countries, public schools are not open to foreign children, and in other countries the children may not even speak the same language as the language of instruction in local schools. In these cases, and in cases where parents want to ensure their children are using a specific curriculum or receiving an internationally accredited education, international schools are the best choice. Using school advisory help to locate all these options can give an expat a great start.


Some other expats choose to begin their own schooling abroad, often after high school for college or graduate study. An international MBA school list can be of assistance here in finding programs located in the country you would like to study in.


No matter if you have a small toddler in need of a pre-school or are moving abroad on your own to earn an MBA, provides you with the tools and resources you need to begin and complete your search all in one place, saving time and money along the way.

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