Good Schools Guide International

Good Schools Guide International

The Good Schools Guide International is an online subscription service that reviews English-speaking international schools in 50 cities in over 35 countries (and growing).

Like their sister publication, the UK best seller The Good Schools Guide, the GSGI is completely independent. All school reviews are selected and written by the Guide - not the school. No school ads, no sponsorships. That means complete editorial freedom, no restrictions, no holding back.

The Good Schools Guide International is written for parents by GSGI editors who live in that country and are parents themselves. They know which schools should make the cut (or not). The GSGI doesn't shy away from judgments; editors differentiate between schools, interview parents, visit schools, and only select the schools that measure up to the best in other countries. If a school is merely the best of a bad lot, it doesn't make the Guide.

Subscribe to the GSGI as your only resource, or as an adjunct to other consultants or relocation companies. Its crisp, clear, often irreverent advice  gives you the inside scoop on schools, headmasters, sports, school commutes, and neighbourhoods - everything you need to figure how the best plan for your family.

Study the Guide in the middle of a sleepless night, or hire a GSGI editor/advisor for one-to-one  guidance  and advice.

 A subscription to The Good Schools Guide International costs just £35 and gives you unlimited access to:

Reviews of top British, American, international schools worldwide;

Brisk, personal expat advice for each to find a plumber, nanny, new shoes or new friends  


Plus real-time updates and red alerts (coups d’etat, evacuations etc)


 The Good Schools Guide International articles explain and decode


Curricula and exams (GCSEs, SATs, IB, AP etc)


Special education needs: resources and how to recognize them


Transitions (between curricula, systems, hemispheres, countries)


Accreditations and alleged inspections (the real versus the bogus)


Before you go (or have even made up your mind) or after you get there,  hire a Good Schools Guide Advisor.  She'll give you:

Insider info on top (or not) local schools, pros and cons for your own child

Overviews of local education, advice for expat survival in their host cities

A network to other parents and expats


Long-term educational planning ahead of multiple postings

All by phone, email or in person....for one flat hourly rate.

There’s no guide like it for families moving abroad.
To subscribe to the Guide or hire an advisor, contact The Good Schools Guide International today!

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