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International schools are educational institutions where the curricula used are designed for the diverse and, at the same time, unique needs of expatriate learners. It is possible for expat children to enroll in local schools. However, the nature of their lifestyle itself will make them more likely to benefit from a school that caters to learners under the same circumstances as expats. If you are moving overseas with your children, explore international schools in the city or country where you are headed. As you do so, have a little help from our partners. Expatriate kids frequently have much more to deal with in school than children growing up in their home country. School search may take a very long time when you don't know where to begin, let us show you where to go. Because the curriculum can change depending on your country, they risk being held back or not fully comprehending what is taught. Use the school search function to help you find the best fit school for your child with special focus on Spanish.

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