Allergies in Egypt



In Egypt, sandstorms can occur sporadically. Sandstorm season only comes between the months of March and April, but there are cases of dust storms as well, which can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

Asthma is the most common cause of hospital admission in Egypt. The most common factor of the increasing problem with asthma is industrialization that causes air pollution.Having private health insurance in Egypt will keep any expat trouble-free, especially those with pre-existing allergies. Do not worry when eating in high-end establishments as most Egyptians can speak English or they can find someone that can speak English to explain the food ingredients for each dish.Remember, allergies can get worse if not treated properly.

Another problem that is present in Egypt today is the unstable environment caused by riots and violent acts. Expats are advised to select a form of international health insurance in Egypt that will include medical evacuation and treatment for allergy related problems if you think it may be an issue. Private health insurance can also be helpful as the country is currently going through civil unrest, and private health insurance can ensure that emergency security evacuation services are available for expats in Egypt.

Medical facilities in Egypt are adequate, but for serious medical emergencies, one must be prepared for medical evacuation to the UK or to its neighboring countries, especially since Egypt is going through a period where violence, bombings, and terrorist attacks are common as part of the aftermath on the Arab Spring.