Emergency Numbers in Egypt



Upon arrival to Egypt, expats should take note the emergency numbers for police (122), fire brigade (180) and ambulance services (123).

As Egypt is going through a period of economic instability, expats may find that the country’s ambulance services are limited. Ambulance services in the country are said to be not so reliable, and emergency or intensive care services tend to be limited. Do not be surprised if there is no ambulance available in some rural areas. And even if there is available ambulance service in the cities, it is mostly stuck in the gridlock. Most general hospitals are at risk of overpopulation, especially in the emergency rooms due to the amount of casualties put by bombings, rebels and other unstable circumstances caused by riots.

The best way to reach hospitals is by personal transportation or taxi as practiced by most Egyptians. Expats are recommended to get the number of taxi companies if there is no private transport available.In case of medical emergencies, most expats go to private hospitals in Cairo or any private hospitals with 24-hour emergency services like Al Salam International Hospital in Maadi, Dar El Fouad Hospital in 6th of October City, and Sharm El Sheikh Medical Facilities in South Sinai.As Egypt is a hostile country to be in due to the amount of attacks by Islamic radicals, expats are advised to be cautious and prudent when searching for transportation since kidnappings have occurred to tourists and expats. 

Private air ambulance is available for any medical evacuation from Egypt to the UK. Costs of services can start at approximately £30,500 (approximately USD$47,671.00). 

Remember to always bring some cash to receive immediate medical treatment, as some hospitals ignore and refuse insurance cards and will ask for out of pocket payments to avoid processing paperwork with insurance companies. Expats are advised to obtain international health insurance as well to cover any emergencies that might happen in unstable Egypt.



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