Guide to Dental Care in Egypt



Dental tourism in Egypt is attracting Europeans seeking a high standard of affordable dental care.

Expats who are looking for dental related services in Egypt can obtain various treatments which include endodontic, aesthetic and periodontist dentistry, dental implants, oral surgery, tooth polishing, fillings, and tooth whitening. However, travelling to Egypt for dental care may not be advisable at the present time due to the economic and political unrest that the country is going through.

One of the popular destinations for dental care in Egypt is Hurghada, which is located near the Red Sea. Hugrghada is a popular holiday destination offering luxury five-star hotels and recreational activities such as deep sea fishing, sailing, wind surfing and scuba diving. Although dental patients will find that Egypt offers professional services with state-of-the-art facilities, many governments have issued travel warnings around certain locations in Egypt due to the increased presence of armed forces. Areas within 50 kilometers of the Libyan border should be avoided, and expats are discouraged from going to desert areas in the Western part of Egypt due to the presence of armed civilians.

The Egyptian Dental Association (EDA) is the association of dentists in Egypt. Expats will find that most dentists in Egypt speak fluent English. A typical dentist consultation cost is about €8.00 (approximately US$10.00).The treatment cost for cosmetic surgery is affordable. Dental crowns can range from €156.00 (approximately USD$200.00) to €311.00 (approximately USD$399.00 while for teeth whitening, the cost is from €156.00 (approximately USD$200.00) to €272.00 (approximately USD$349.00). Expats visiting Egypt for treatment will find that it can be helpful to consider obtaining international travel insurance as well, since Egypt is going through a period of violence and instability that may affect expats.

Prior to relocating, it is best to secure international health insurance in Egypt for basic dental treatment and emergencies. Just like any private health insurance in Egypt, coverage does not include orthodontist procedures or treatment. Although it can be added as a supplemental coverage, expats should note that adding such services to the policy will result to a modest increase in monthly premiums. Given the state of the country at present, it is advisable that expats obtain extended coverage lest any medical emergencies occur.



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