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Egypt provides a universal health care system to its residents. But expats should not be expecting top-notch medical standards as the quality of health services in some parts of the country are substandard.

Currently, Egypt is dubbed as a developing nation blessed with a fast-growing economy and tremendous human resources that’s why the local government puts significant effort in not just improving but reforming the health sector. National social development agendas have been the top priority in this country, and since 2011, Egypt has been working rigorously in creating a world-class healthcare system by 2025. In fact, this nation has shown remarkable improvement during the past decades by launching programmes such as compulsory immunisation that eradicated Poliomyelitis, a national campaign for awareness/prevention and control of Hepatitis C/B and tuberculosis. Egypt also made news worldwide when it established the Regional Centre for Women's Health and Development headquartered in Alexandria whose sole purpose is to focus on finding ways that will improve the health of the women in the country.

Healthcare Coverage for Expats

The whole healthcare system of Egypt is comprised of both the private and the public sectors whereas the latter operates and provides free services under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Population. Though Egypt offers universal health coverage, many of the locals still opt to take out private insurance since the quality of services in state-funded hospitals are often below average. There are to primary providers of local healthcare insurance in this country. First is the Health Insurance Organisation which covers students, widows and employees through contributions that are automatically deducted from workers’ salaries and company payrolls. There is also the Curative Care Organisation which usually operates in particular governorates.

Most of often than not, expats opt to purchase private healthcare, particularly in Cairo. Those who have purchased an international health insurance in Egypt should ensure their coverage include treatment and medical evacuations to a different country. As Egypt is going through a period of instability and civil unrest, expats will benefit from having international health insurance plans set up if any emergency situations happen while in the country.

Visiting a Doctor

Out of the quarter of a million doctors registered under the Medical Association, only 45,000 works in Egypt and the rest opted to work somewhere else in the world. Currently, the government spends around USD 5.7 million on healthcare with 79%, or estimated USD 4.5 million goes to the salaries of doctors and nurses.

Doctors in Egypt have trained abroad and can often speak excellent English. The medical staffs are also well-equipped with skills to cater to international patients though some may know only a little English. Clinic hours are usually late afternoons and evenings. Consultations with a doctor can start at USD$50 per visit while cosmetic surgeons charge at USD$600 per consultation.

Hospitals in Egypt

Expats will soon find out that there is a large difference between the quality of private and public hospitals in Egypt. Most state-funded hospitals are mismanaged and are suffering from poorly trained medical personnel while private run medical facilities are armed with modernised equipment and well-trained doctors whereas some even received their degrees abroad. More than 80% of Egyptian health services are provided by the public sector, and experts dub the local healthcare system as ‘ailing’ and lacking of sufficient funds and proper supervision.

Currently, there are two major hospitals located in Southern Cairo: the Dar El Salam General Hospital which is state-run and the As-Salam Interna­tional Hospital that houses not just some of the best doctors and nurses in the country but also the most modernised intensive Care Unit in the region. Other recommended hospitals in Egypt are:

63 Tomanbay st, Kasr El Tahra Sq, Roxy - Cairo

Tel: +202- 2258 8810

26 July St., The Touristic Zone, 6th of October City, Giza

Tel: +202-38274799

Al Gabal Al Akhdar, Nasr City, Cairo

Tel: (202)23426000

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