Pet Import Regulations in Egypt



For pet relocation, owners must have their pets come into Egypt with a microchip for identification. Egypt requires all pets to have a microchip ISO 11784/11785.Furthermore, a valid veterinarian good health certificate is required for relocating pets to Egypt, signed by an official government vet. The certificate's validity or the date of signature by a vet should not be more than 14 days before arrival to Egypt.

Expats that are bringing their beloved pets to Egypt may want to keep in mind that the environment may not be suitable for their furry friends, as the country is going through cases of civil unrest and crime. While resorts have enough security to keep foreigners safe, bigger cities are subject to terrorist attacks and bombings that are likely to scare dogs and other animals.

Despite the risks that Egypt has, expats who want to bring their pets to the country will need to prepare vaccine certificates. The certificates should state the name of the pet, the owner's name, breed, gender, age, and detailed information about the pet's vaccines. In general, all pets should be free of parasites and vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, canine parainfluenza, and rabies.Upon arrival, a doctor from the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture will examine pets.

Egypt has stringent rules when importing pet birds due to bird flu. The only exceptions to the importation of birds are live chicks provided they meet all health requirements by the General Organization for Veterinary Services.

Airline pet transport regulations vary depending on the breed and weight of the pet. Pets can either go on board with the owner as carry-on luggage or in the cargo of the plane. Expats can check with airline companies such as Air France, KLM, Lufthansa and Egypt Air of their policies regarding pets and pet transport.

Expats can get help from the experts or from an international pet relocation service to Egypt to make the travel a smooth transition. Expats are advised to get at least three quotes from a pet relocation service to Egypt before sealing the deal. International pet relocation companies are also likely to be aware of the current situation in Egypt, and can take measures that ensure that expat animals go through a safe and comfortable relocation experience.



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