Vaccinations in Egypt



In general, Egypt does not require any proof of vaccinations upon entry; the only exception is for travellers arriving from yellow fever infected areas.

Malaria is a deadly disease and is prevalent in Egypt. Expats who will be spending time in rural Egypt, the Nile Delta, and Western Desert Oases are recommended to take anti-malarial tablets prior to departure. Presently, the country is going through a crisis that involves civil unrest and acts of terrorism due to the riots and military presence in most major cities.

Expats who are planning to visit Egypt despite the present situation are advised to immunize themselves against hepatitis B. Immunization should be given at least two weeks before departure for travelers over one year of age.

Routine vaccinations should be updated which include influenza, chicken pox, polio, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), and DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus). As a rule, routine vaccinations are immunizations given even if an individual does not travel. Other recommended vaccinations are for hepatitis A and typhoid.

Inoculations can change on short notice; it is important to regularly check Egypt travel advice prior to departure. As the political situation in the country is unstable, most embassies have issued travel warnings for tourists and expats to take note of when visiting Egypt, advising them to be very cautious.