Car Insurance in Egypt

Foreign nationals driving their own car in Egypt are required to have an international license, which can be used for a year, as well as international car insurance that has third party liability level. There are two types of policies to choose from: comprehensive insurance and third party insurance. If a claim is made against a driver for legal costs and personal injuries resulting from an accident, then third party insurance is required. Meanwhile, comprehensive car insurance covers damages caused to the driver’s car by the driver himself, including property damage, injury, fire and theft. It is advisable for expats to find a professional who can help them with the process to make arrangements easier.

Clements Worldwide has been recognized in Egypt as the leader in providing international car insurance. The goal is to provide a well-formulated policy patterned exclusively for cars that are owned abroad. Clements Worldwide shows genuine care by constructing a favorable policy that gives top of the line insurance for actual damage on the car, theft and other pertinent liabilities that may be incurred.

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