Expat Mortgages in Egypt

It was quite a challenge for foreign nationals to avail of overseas mortgage in Egypt in the past, as bank mortgages are not conveniently forthcoming to non-Egyptians. However, due to the newly implemented mortgage laws in the country, expats can now acquire mortgages in Egyptian pound for loans up to 85% LTV. Lending can be up to 30 years, to the maximum age of 65. Meanwhile, maximum monthly installments should not exceed 25% of the monthly wage.  The economy of Egypt is going through a challenging period, and expats may need some assistance when handling their overseas mortgages.

International Private Finance is here to guide you through the different obstacles that you may face when handling the complications of mortgages abroad. Geared with extensive knowledge and expertise on mortgages, International Private Finance in Egypt has gained international recognition as our approach towards international mortgages is accompanied with genuine care.

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