QROPS in Egypt

Transferring a UK pension into QROPS Egypt is possible for British foreigners living, working or planning to retire in Egypt. Although the country is going through a period of political instability, British expats residing in Egypt can take advantage of their offshore status and relocate their UK pension to a secure place, like New Zealand or Malta, to avoid paying UK taxes on their pension. Transferring their UK pension means not having to pay up to 45% in income taxes and 55% tax upon death. The process works the same for Egyptians who have worked in the UK. They are eligible to relocate their pensions offshore in order to avoid paying UK taxes on their pension.

When it comes to UK pension transfers, Egypt-based expats choose Windsor Pensions. This leading advisory firm offers various Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) to help expats boost their pensions. QROPS allows expats to invest in portfolios managed by EU’s best asset managers. Windsor’s pension consultants extends no-obligation reviews of their pensions.

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The Horizon International Pension Plan is competitively priced with flexible QROPS solution structured to give you the best pension plan available in Egypt. It is one of the most sought after service as the policy has been thoroughly analyzed and reviewed to help the client maximize the benefits that it features. Its uniqueness has been structured to fit the client’s needs to ensure world standard benefits.

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Gerrards repudiates the commonly used strategy of a one size fits all solution here in Egypt and leans towards a uniquely structured solution patterned exclusively for the individuals concern. The goal is to provide genuine value and care to our clients through a more personalized method of approach as results have shown more beneficial gains.

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