Tax Advisory in Egypt

Foreign nationals living and working in Egypt are liable to pay income tax. For tax purposes, foreign nationals will be considered residents of Egypt if they lived in the country for five years. However, they will only be taxed on Egyptian-source income and not on their worldwide income. It is advisable for expats to check if their home country has a tax treaty with Egypt to avoid paying income tax in both countries. Non-residents, on the other hand, are not required to file taxes, but their Egypt-acquired income is still taxed. Income tax rates are progressive, starting from 20 up to 40% percent depending on gross income. Expats are advised to be cautious when out and about in Egypt to file taxes, as the country is going through several attacks on terrorism caused by the unrest.

Expat taxation comes with unique complications which must never be neglected. It is, however, possible to prevent penalties as well as debt simply by ensuring that the correct steps are made. Andrew Baker, who has spent at least 35 years in the industry, provides his expertise to expats in Egypt.

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Tax Advisory presents the best options for tax filing, planning, management and payments in Egypt or anywhere else. Expatriates of all nationalities can find proper professional tax guidance from the team of Tax Advisory anywhere.

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