Essential Employment Paperwork in El Salvador



El Salvador is a small yet ultra popular destination in Central America. Expats whose eyeing job opportunities in this country should first secure a work permit, the two most important documents when seeking employment in El Salvador.

Once an expat has found a prospective employer, he/she must acquire a work permit which will be sponsored by the hiring company. Those who will be offered a permanent employment will find it relatively easy to acquire a work permit since they will receive a ‘sponsorship’ for the whole duration of their stay in El Salvador. Take note that the work permit is entirely dependent on the sponsorship which serves as a confirmation that they have means of income while staying in the country.

Work Permit

The work permit for El Salvador bears an initial validity period of one year and can be extended indefinitely. After five successive renewals, the holder has the option to apply for Permanent Residence. Work permits can be obtained from the Embassy of El Salvador and below are some of the requirements for the application:

  • Completed application form from the company hiring the foreign national, including duration of the employee services and wages
  • Apostille birth certificate (must be translated into Spanish following the Salvadoran regulations)
  • Apostille police records (must be translated into Spanish following Salvadoran regulations)
  • Records should state the residence of the applicant for the past two years in the country where he/she resided
  • Medical record from a physician in El Salvador stating applicant is free from a contagious disease
  • Two copies of the applicant’s passport or evidence of the applicant’s citizenship
  • Two copies of the company’s constitution/deed with any modifications the company experienced
  • Complete application for the Salvadoran Labour Department
  • Fee, depending on the residence type the applicant is approved for