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While all is ready to be packed for El Salvador following that job offer, it’s important to take a step back and look at your benefits package. El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, and it is known for being quite unstable. Medical assistance and other services can be quite hard to come by when you’re outside the country’s capital, San Salvador. Getting insurance policies for you and your loved ones as well as your assets in the country is the best way to get proper services and safeguard everything important to you. Learn more about how insurance can help you with protection as well as give you the services you need for an excellent expat experience in El Salvador.

Getting Insurance

The insurance industry in El Salvador is still small. However, there are several options available for you here. The public health and social security insurance do not cover foreign workers in the country, though, this can be something that you can arrange with your employer before you move in. Setting up private employment insurance is possible in the country through the help of international insurance providers.

Talk to your company, multinational employers usually provide a benefits package that reflects the hardship of the country.

International private insurance coverage is the most advisable option for expats in El Salvador – you might already be provided one by your employer. Not only can you get a wider range of coverage in case you move out of the country or if you travel, they also have more specialised services for expats such as repatriation, medical evacuation, access to medical records no matter where you are, claims processing through mobile apps, and even roadside assistance services. International insurance companies are also more stable than local ones in El Salvador, so you can be assured that your money and your coverage is secure. Some of the best international insurance brokers such Generali Benefits and Aon offer insurance policies in El Salvador.

Importance of Insurance

Insurance can be more than just for security and peace of mind. Sometimes, it can even be the only way to get proper services especially when you’re living abroad. There are several ways insurance plans can help you have an easier life in El Salvador. First, of course, is in cases of emergency, you can be sure to get more efficient services and less hassle if you have insurance, especially with international insurance plans, as most of them have worldwide assistance services that can help facilitate the services you need when you need it. Second is when you just need the basic services of roadside assistance, medical and dental check-ups, and even investment plans, insurance policies can help you save time and money on these types of services.

Local Insurance

Local insurance options are quite limited in El Salvador as the industry is small in the country. However, if you really wish to get local insurance, make sure that they are recognised by the country’s Ministry of Health or their Social Security Service agency.

The biggest local insurance company in El Salvador is AseguradoraAgrícolaComercial, S.A. which offers general insurance such:

  • Home insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Moving insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance

This company is the most trusted among the local insurance companies in the country.


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