Tax Advisory in El Salvador

Foreign nationals working and living in El Salvador are subject to pay income tax on their monthly salary. Meanwhile, non-residents are subject only to pay tax on their El Salvador-source income. The income tax rate of El Salvador is progressive, starting from 10% up to 30%, depending on the salary bracket of a worker.

The expertise of an expat taxation consultant will provide indispensable guidance to individuals living abroad while under double taxation policies of their mother countries. The UK-based Andrew Baker is a top provider of personal taxation services to El Salvador's expatriates, including individuals who are non-domiciled and non-resident.

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Tax Advisory is known in the expat community for giving the best services when it comes to international tax advice and consultations for expats living in El Salvador or the rest of the world. Tax Advisory can give you information about international tax planning, tax return or tax issues to make sure you're all set while living abroad.

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