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According to the Annual Global Road Crash Statistics here, some 1.3 million people die and 20-50 million are injured or disabled in road crashes each year. Indeed, in this day and age where most of us drive, the probability of an accident occurring is quite high, despite best efforts.Though you may be assigned to a place where there are less vehicles authorised on the road, there are unfortunately no statistics to prove if it is safer.



Before your move, you can ask your HR about the road condition in the host country and necessity for a car to get around. Car allowance is very often part of the expatriate package – if the car expenses are paid by the company, be sure to ask about the insurance portion and obtainthe full details of the policy as well.

Automobile insurance is one of the most overlooked. Many drivers often purchase the most basic plan and do not realise their coverage gap until there is a need to claim. Some insure themselves but not third-party and vice versa. Just think about the financial nightmare if there are luxury cars and deaths involved – even paying one side of the bill is insane. Besides, do you know you can indemnify yourself against damage caused by your passenger or during the use of a company vehicle with policy upgrades? 

Make paperwork less frustrating by getting the necessary documents ready for your insurance agent, and knowing what you should be receiving upon the purchase. Also, read about the underwriting considerations and claim discounts you are possibly entitled to maximise your dollar.


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You never know when damage, theft or liability will occur, especially on unfamiliar roads.

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