Last updated 1 August 2016

Best Wellness Coach Apps for Busy Expats

There are health apps for almost any type of lifestyle and health awareness you can think of nowadays. If you would like to eat healthy, follow a certain exercise program, or even track your recurring health condition, you can be sure that there’s an app for it. As such, there are health and wellness apps that fit the expat lifestyle as well. For example, international health insurance companies such as Cigna Global, Allianz Worldwide, and IntegraGlobal has introduced apps that make it easier for expats abroad to make claims, find doctors, and access product services easier.

But aside from easier access to health insurance abroad, health services such as wellness coaching would be a great addition to these health insurance apps, so us expats can maintain a healthy lifestyle despite our busy schedules. With that in mind, we list the best wellness coach apps that can help you improve your busy expat lifestyle.


For expats who need to take regular medications, PillPack is the best app for you. This 1st reminder app works better than an alarm clock for many reasons; it is practically a pharmacy conveniently fitted into your mobile device. This app allows you to import your medication list automatically, without the hassle of filling out prescriptions, or taking pictures. They allow you to not only keep track of what you’re taking but also proactively orders and delivers your medication no matter where you are in the world.


Keep your body healthy by having a healthy mind with Headspace. Headspace is a mind meditation app that helps you manage stress, maintain focus, and maximize creativity through meditation. If you are on a busy schedule, and you just can’t find the time for relaxation, simply follow the instructions in Headspace for easy meditation and a sound mind for people on the go.


Noom is a full health and wellness lifestyle coaching app that is formulated to understand your lifestyle, keep track of your medical condition and actively support you through coaching to improve your habits daily. Noom is easily accessible in any mobile devices and can also be used as a business coaching platform.


TruReach is a mental wellness app that offers cognitive behavioural therapy that can be easily accessed from your mobile device. Enhance your mental wellness in a few steps through this remarkable program.


For an overall lifestyle improvement, get Vida. Vida is a health and lifestyle wellness program that sets you up with personalized nutritionist plans, weekly consultations, coaching sessions, and health maintenance services. This all around health and wellness app makes sure that you are taken care of no matter where you are in customized plans to cater your needs and lifestyle.

Living abroad takes us out of our comfort zones and that makes it harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important to be protected and assured by having international health insurance, but as an additional health measure, having apps that can help us adjust our health regimen abroad, motivates us into wellness, and coaches us to live better lives can improve our experiences abroad.

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