Current Account


Current accounts are day-to-day accounts that you can access more frequently than regular accounts. The dynamics of current accounts when you live overseas can change, however, because not all banks are accessible overseas. In this section, we explain the meaning of current accounts, how it can work for you overseas and present other options such as local banking, multi-currency accounts, and offshore accounts.

Be fully informed of what a current account is and if it suits your banking needs while you're living abroad.

Not everything has to be international. Some local banks offer solutions to expat needs. Find out if local banking works better for you.

Learn more about international ATMs, networks and fees before you start using them abroad.

Explore the pros and cons of multi-currency accounts for your life overseas and find the best providers of international multi-currency accounts.

Get information about offshore and online broker current accounts to make the most out of your money while living abroad. Learn more about how they can help you access your finances and investments on the go.


Open a current account

Easily manage offshore, multi-currency or credit card transactions with an international account.


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