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Disappearing Jobs in 2015

Disappearing Jobs in 2015 – ExpatFinder Articles


To be a successful job hunter you must research the job market to find out the jobs that are not quite secure. You may find work in the professions that are shrinking however it is worthwhile to know that these jobs are disappearing so that you decide to either avoid them or keep them. There are about six jobs at risk to disappear by 2015. The managers for promotion and advertising are the link between companies and the print media and therefore their job is being eroded by the advent of the social media. Those jobs that deal with activities like cutting wood, smoothing materials, erecting scaffolds during house construction will not be more of in demand due to economic crisis.  Few houses shall have been built hence there are few Carpenter Helpers needed. Plasterers and Stucco Mason jobs have reduced drastically due to financial meltdown and reduction in construction work.

It is saddening that these important skills are left to disappear due to reduced construction. Jobs dealing with the shaping done by Plastic and/or Metal Shapers, Drillers and Machine Setters and Operators requiring one to be an expert had been replaced by machines which are more expensive. Another group of jobs at risk to disappear by 2015 are those affected by the housing concerns necessitated by the economic crisis. With few constructions going on, only few of such professionals are needed. With the new computers that are rarely prone to error and troubleshooting of the computers are done by IT professionals, Computer Operators are no longer needed. And because clothing and manufacturing industry jobs have been replaced by automation and out sourcing internationally, textile knitting and weaving and operators of machines will no longer be needed.

Because of the different factors affecting the situation some of the jobs are disappearing and job hunters must be aware so that they desist from them or they are made aware that they can also lose their jobs if they stick with them.


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