Last updated 1 August 2016

Distance Learning for Expats

 Distance Learning for Expats -


For many expat workers, going back to school is more than learning new things. Graduate and post-graduate degrees boost an employee’s credentials and career prospects. Many expat workers, however, cannot afford to juggle school and office work. The high cost and time spent on traditional campus education paved the way to distance learning, which is gaining enormous popularity everywhere.

According to Edudemic, one of the leading education technology sites on the web, 47 percent of online students are 26 years and above. The percentage consisted of part-time students who are at the same time working professionals and with families.

Distance learning through online platforms is an alternative for expats who wish to go back to school without giving up their full-time jobs. It is advisable for working students since virtual schools are accessible24/7. The online student also has the opportunity to build connections with professionals within the school’s online community.

Distance Learning can be classified through the following format:

Online Courses
Online courses are stringently taken online. Institutions providing online courses usually offer students with a 12-week module done in a virtual classroom.

Hybrid Courses
Hybrid courses are mostly taken online and the rest are taken in-person or through a traditional campus education.

Blended Courses
Blended courses have materials available online and focus on a one-on-one discussion with the student.

Flipped Classes
A flipped class is the opposite of blended course. The face-to-face classroom setting is done online and students are still required to attend a traditional campus class for further application.

Here are some international schools that offer distance learning:

ITS Education Asia
Schools in partnership with ITS Education Asia ( are registered with the Hong Kong Education Bureau. ITS is the first school in Asia accredited as an Edexcel Academic Centre which offers virtual classrooms. It currently has 80 A-level schools in Hong Kong.

University of Roehampton
The University of Roehampton is an international school located in the United Kingdom. The university’s online programmesare student-centred, primarily catering to working professionals based in the UK.Students may enrol in the 12-week online modules covering graduate degrees in Business, Project Management, Information Systems Management and Strategic Human Resource Management.

Harvard University
The Harvard Extension School under Harvard University caters to students all over the world who choose the flexibility of off-campus learning. Harvard’s online school offers more than 200 online classes that are classified into three different formats: video courses, live web-conference courses and hybrid courses. Although the Harvard Extension School does not offer online degrees, there are programmes which are partially online and on-campus.The following courses may be viewed through their website here


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