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Doing Business While Travelling

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It does not matter whether people call you a digital nomad, homeless blogger, location independent so long as you enjoy working and making money while travelling around the world. Working or running a business while traveling is a daunting job particularly when working with people. However several guidelines exist on how you can ensure that you are doing business while traveling. The most important tools for doing business while traveling include: Skype, email, Google hangouts which enable you to communicate and hold meetings while traveling. One could wonder how that is possible without carrying a fax machine, file cabinet and/or printer and without office. Accepting the use of digital technology is the only way and is proven to be effective.

Your smart phone as a scanner

Your smart phone can be turned into a scanner. For example you want to scan for example of the boarding pass expenses. CamScanner app installed in your smart phone comes in handy as it makes it possible for one to scan physical paper documents. The scanned image is then reduced to the correct size in black and white and saved in pdf format, you can decide again to save the pdf image in the dropbox, phone or email. With this technology you don’t need to fax anything. 

Sign documents digitally with hello sign

Another trouble comes when you are sent an email and asked to print and sign attached documents and return them within days. Finding where to print can be stressful when traveling and especially when you find yourself in remote areas or on transit. During the old days finding where to print, sign and then send the signed copy was a big task. ‘Hello sign’ a free online website that stores one’s signature securely, has made life easy for travelers. You only need to upload the pdf document sent to you through email, fill it online, sign it electronically by stamping the signature file and then resave the pdf document. You can decide to send it from your smart phone or download it to the computer and send it. It makes your work easier when traveling and you avoid the hassles of having to search for office machines and space for you to transact business.  

Expense management though Expensify

When you are expected to report you expenses while on transit you feel challenged because you will be expected to organize your many receipts from a bag of several pieces of paper before reporting on them.  However expensify a free smart phone app has made it easy and simple to do digital reporting without stress and therefore becomes handy while traveling. It helps you to track your expenses for the entire year then report for tax purposes and also comes handy when you want to send invoice or a report on expenses to a client. 

You simply take pictures of the receipts for the day’s expenses e.g. hotel expenses, parking or dinner expenses add the amount and then upload the pictures for receipts to the expense report. At the end of the year then it becomes easy to download the reports to excel spreadsheet, do clean up and the send to the accountant. This means that you don’t have to carry your physical receipts the year round because they might get lost therefore you only stick to digital receipts saved by expensify. Also your credit card can easily be linked to the application and expenses will be pulled and then populate the expense reports.

Always stay Connected by Mifi

To avoid constantly changing sim cards every time you get to a different country, mifi comes in handy as you will always remain connected to the internet whichever country you land. The mifi device works with cellular internet providers in each country you visit and enables you to get mobile internet connection. A wireless signal is emitted which will enable you to connect your gadgets using wifi with password and username then you access unlimited data once you get connected. It will help you to access emails, maps of places, phone calls via Skype and many more. You can connect as many as five gadgets like laptops, notepads, and phones to mifi signal at the same time.  

Luggage Free Service for extra luggage

You don’t have to carry everything while traveling as it can be cumbersome and stressful. Luggage Free solution is the answer instead of carrying two bags and dragging them around airports. Instead of taking all to the outdoor hiking stuff you simply use Luggage Free service to ship your luggage to the next destination. People who are busy simply ship their bags to their hotels, boat or golf courses from their homes. This therefore reduces what they have to carry. Luggage free will always deliver extra luggage to the destination you want hence reducing the hassles of having to carry the entire luggage at once. 

With many easy to use apps installed in our smart phones traveling while doing business has been made easy and therefore you can still transact business with easy while still traversing the globe. Technology has made life easier for everyone.

Photo: Ed Yourdon

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