Education Guide


Education for your children abroad is an important subject and we would like to help you when it comes to information about International Schools and education abroad. While International Schools are mostly favoured by expat families mainly for the convenience when it comes to academic transition, but International Schools should not necessarily be your only choice when it comes to your child’s education abroad.

In some countries, local schools prove to be better than International Schools, and in some cases, home schooling may also be the best option. There are also several types of programmes or curriculums that International Schools offer that you might not be aware of.

Learn everything you need to know about education abroad through our detailed information guides and make an informed decision for you and your family while you’re living overseas.

International Schools

Learn everything you need to know about international schools, like the different curricula available, and how to get your kids on these programmes.

Local Schools Vs International Schools

Compare local schools and international schools and find out which would be the best for your child and your family’s lifestyle.

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