Expat Contracts


Expat assignments in companies or expat job offers are organised in frameworks called Policies. The contract includes a relocation offer letter that will detail all the details of the assignment. There are 3 phases to an Assignment: pre-assignment, assignment and repatriation. Understanding all the perspective of specific packages offered in a contract can be quite daunting for someone who has never been acquainted with global mobility. In this section, we aim to help you understand everything about expat contracts.

We offer all the basic information you should learn about expat packages. What they should contain, what they can contain, and how you can manage them. Read more about it here.

As always when it comes to specific contracts, it's not always a "one size fits all" situation. There are some assignments that require a bit of tweaking the contracts. We would like to offer a bit of guidance on how you can negotiate expat contracts and what parts you can negotiate with. Learn more about it here


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