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One important thing to consider when investing overseas is that an economic environment is fluid. It constantly changing, causing investments to grow and shrink. 

More and more investors are moving overseas for opportunities to grow their wealth with ventures such as buying and selling property or investing in equities, commodities, and even in currency itself.

Buying property abroad to rent has become extremely popular, in part due to the prospect for high profits. In addition to charging high weekly or monthly rates to tourists, the investor now has a vacation home that is essentially paying for itself. The likes of Airbnb and other short term rental management apps has made it simpler to manage your buy-to-let. When it is paid off, you may choose to move in permanently, continue to rent at a higher profit, or simply sell it off and purchase another vacation home in some other location.

Learn more about overseas investment opportunities and how you can find the best investment solutions for you while you're living abroad.

As for all investments, there are risks to international investments. We break down the risks and provide solutions to avoid it in this section.

Life insurance can also present investment opportunities abroad. Learn more about life insurance investment plans and how it can work for you.


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