Last updated 30 September 2016

Hot Jobs for Foreign Students

Being able to study abroad is a great opportunity. However, finding a job while studying overseas is a better way to make the most of your time. Being exposed to a work environment is an effective training ground for students. Aside from compensation to cover living costs, having a job on the side boosts a student’s cross-cultural communication skills. Career experts highly recommend the combination of studying and working. Lizzie Fane, founder of expat website Third Year Abroad ( said: "The year abroad makes students unique, the combination of studying working and travelling makes you stand out to employers and have Hot Jobs for Foreign Students - Expatfinder.comsomething to talk about in interviews." Dee Roach, a Group Manager and European Marketing Manager for the Navitas Education Group, added that securing a job can help students gain new skills and grow as persons. “It is great for your long term prospects and career,” he said.

Most foreign students maximize their school breaks and summer vacations by plunging into the labour market. They render hours either as part-time workers or interns. Here are some jobs more foreign students apply for during their summer vacations.

Au Pair

An au pair is a foreign domestic assistant living as a member of the host family. Foreign students may work as language tutors or nannies to the young members of the household. Most students who take this short-term job harness their language skills and perspective on new cultures. In the US, the minimum monthly salary of an au pair is $195.75, while UK-based assistants are paid £65-80.

English as a Second Language (ESL) tutors

Teaching ESL is currently the most popular job in North America due to the high number of non-English speaking foreigners who seek help. Foreign students may either teach in a traditional classroom setting or through a one-on-one tutorial session.  Teaching ESL is booming in Asian countries including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the UAE and Vietnam. The monthly salary of teachers ranges from $3,200 to $5,000. Interested language tutors are advised to secure an ESL certification, issued by various accredited institutions.

International Volunteer Opportunities

Foreign students who are not after the remuneration may consider volunteer jobs in various non-profit organizations. Volunteer opportunities are available in local non-government organizations and volunteer service groups. Students may choose from a wide array of organizations that advocate issues on the environment, public health, education, among others. Some organizations, though, require volunteers/interns to pay a certain fee to be trained.


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