Household Insurance


Losing your house to a fire or natural disaster is devastating. Sometimes, it is less because of the house itself, but more of the prized possessions within. Good news is, the contents can be covered and there is even a top-up option to compensate you for the valuables!



While the risk is undertaken by the homeowner of rented properties in some countries, expats can sometimes be held liable as well. Household insurance usually comes with geographical limitations, so the policy back home will not be able to cover expats. It is important for expats to look into their needs and get the necessary protection. A household insurance can go a long way.

The reimbursement for costs incurred to clear up the aftermath, for instance, can help relieve some of the stress in the event of such unfortunate incident. A property insurance can even provide emergency cash relief and alternative accommodation to tide you through the period.

Nevertheless, protecting your dear ones and the third parties is also just as important. Check out the upgrade options in this section and the must-know terms & conditions in this section.


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Your house is expensive, and it is where you keep all your valuables. Reduce unnecessary losses!

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