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How to Avoid Injuries When Relocating

It’s surprisingly easy to injure yourself or somebody else when moving out of one home and into another. From breaking fragile objects and cutting yourself, to throwing your back out trying to lift heavy furniture, moving can be dangerous for the inexperienced. While it might be safest for you to hire a moving company, if it’s a short move or you’re looking to save money, then following these tips can help you avoid any physical catastrophes!

How to Avoid Injuries When Relocating

Here are some tips that can help you mitigate injuries when relocating:

How to Avoid Injuries When RelocatingStretching can do wonders. Many professional athletes take a few minutes to stretch before they begin their workout routine. It is advisable that you do the same, as your body will be doing a lot of bending, twisting and lifting while you pack, unpack and load stuff into boxes. Before you do this, you ought to stretch your muscles before you begin the moving process so you can avoid getting sprained.

Use the right lifting procedures. How to Avoid Injuries When RelocatingIf you are packing alongside with an international moving company, it’s good to know what the right procedures are when it comes to lifting items. Make sure that you bend with your knees, instead of your waist. Doing this lessens your chances of getting any back injuries when you exert pressure on your leg muscles instead of your back. When picking up boxes, squat down to grab the item while putting the weight entirely on your legs. To make it easier for you, try reducing the amount of weight you’ll be lifting by packing objects into several smaller boxes rather than putting it all together in one heavy box.

How to Avoid Injuries When RelocatingCarry a first aid kit. You may receive minor injuries when moving, such as cuts, splinters, bruises and scrapes. To treat them, it’s wise to bring along a first aid kit which can help you, your family or your international movers in case any accidents happen during the moving process. Ideally, your first aid kid must contain aspirin, band-aids, gauze swabs and scissors. It’s a good idea to keep your first aid kit in an area that is easy to locate and reach.

Wear the right clothing. How to Avoid Injuries When RelocatingYour clothing could affect your moving experience, so it’s a must to wear the right clothes to make lifting and running easier for you.  Consider wearing loose-fitting pants that will allow you to squat, sit and bend over to pick up items. If you’re moving in cold weather, wear removable articles of clothing that are easy to get rid of once you move from room to room. If it’s unbearably hot outside, it’s best to wear shirts that are made of breathable materials. Your shoes need to be enclosed and well-protected in case you drop anything on your feet.

How to Avoid Injuries When RelocatingMoving abroad can be an exciting time in your life, so it’s a must that you take extra measures to reduce stress and mitigate injuries during your move by being careful and prepared during the moving process!

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