How to get expat job offers?


The media has been talking about one thing over the past decade: globalization. Images of people, of different racial backgrounds, smiling shoulder-to-shoulder have reflected how we view our changing societies. Thanks to advanced communications and improved transportation infrastructure, experiencing global cultures has become a daily reality. Many workplaces, even those in secluded East Asian regions, are adding foreign talent into their pool. Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Gulf have started hiring foreign workers two decades ago; today, they are reaping the benefits of oil pipes, power plants and infrastructures engineered by expats.

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Expat workers offer invaluable knowledge, skills and experience that companies need to compete in the international arena. In their end, expats working abroad boost their credentials and gain a deeper understanding of cultures.

Now, the tricky part is finding the link between the job and the eager expat worker.

Apply online, but maintain a positive online reputation

Globalization come hand-in-hand with technology. Without one, the other is nearly unattainable. Many job vacancies are available in the Net. Applying for a job through employment platforms, however, is not enough. You need to build a strong online presence because this may be the only way that recruiters would know you.

The reality is whatever happens in the internet stays in the internet. Recruiters, whether it’s third-party agencies or HR managers, verify an applicant’s reputation in social media and other online networks. Online reputation may soon replace a person’s reputation in the community. In fact, there are start-ups that “clean up” a person’s online reputation for a fee.

Regularly update your online credentials with new skills learned and new places you visited. Make use of the privacy settings of your Facebook and Instagram accounts to filter the information your future employer could access.

Get involved in international initiatives

Companies that hire foreign talent have their eyes on people exposed to various cultures or initiatives that have a global impact. Joining international groups such as Rotary or Red Cross is a plus-point in your resume. There are professional organizations that have local and international reach such as Bar Associations and Economic Societies. The annual gatherings are perfect opportunities to meet new contacts and future employers.

If you are employed in a multi-national company, express your interest on a foreign assignment

Employers appreciate to know their workers’ long-term plans. In the manpower perspective, this would help the company’s succession strategies and budgeting. If you plan of relocating abroad, you may consider the possibility of relocating with your company. This path may take time, but this could be easier – in terms of relocating – compared with applying at new companies. Request for an appointment with your boss and express your intent of signing up for a foreign assignment.

The benefits of globalization are at the tips of your fingers. Make use of technology in building a positive online reputation, which will help you land in your dream job abroad.