International Health Insurance


Your medical expense insurance is of utmost importance when living in a host country. While it is most often part of your benefits package, you need to pay a very important attention to what is actually offered before signing the relocation letter, and discuss it with your company.

Assess the level of cover that your current situation prior to relocation offers you and project whether the new benefits package will cover you and your family accordingly. If not, negotiate with your employer.

While we heave a sigh of relief for people who got their exorbitant medical bills reimbursed, we also hear stories from our friends and families about turning ugly with their insurer or just not getting covered in the location. To avoid that, we educate you in all the areas that need your attention, from claim methods to the exclusions and fine prints.

This is the section that helps you pinpoint your medical needs and what you may want to request from your insurer. We tell you about the types of international health plans and the various coverage that are offered in the market.

Without insurance protection, many patients who suffer from severe medical conditions that render them unfit for work end up accumulating high debts. Therefore, you have included a section to bring you through the different protection available to you in those unfortunate scenarios as well.


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