Key paperwork involved


Proposal form

A proposal form is a main document that an underwriter reference to assess possible risks involved. Broadly, it contains information of the following about the proposer:

  • Personal particulars
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Insurance history including claims experience, claim discount entitlements, as well as cancellation and renewal details
  • Driving behaviour and vehicle usage
  • Driving and traffic offences, if any

Certificate of insurance

Acting as a proof of insurance, this is particularly important in countries where motor insurance is made compulsory by the authorities. A certificate should denote the following:

  • Insurance’s effective and expiry date
  • Coverage type
  • Insurance limitations
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Name of policyholder
  • Drivers and vehicles covered
  • Instructions and assistance hotline in the event of an accident

Policy document

This form a crucial and large part of the paperwork you should receive. It is a thorough factual documentation of the inclusions and exclusions, terms and conditions, and all other details of the policy you have signed up for.


This document indicates any exceptions included, that deviates from the standard terms and conditions. The exceptions, for example, can involve coverage of certain perils.

Claim form

This is a template form that the insured have to fill up to file a claim. It will require the following information:

  • Details of the policy and policyholder
  • Particulars of the driver and any witnesses
  • Facts and photographs of the accident
  • All vehicle damage and bodily injury caused


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