Life as a working expat


Having work experience abroad is one of the best things that can happen to your career. Working abroad opens doors to global opportunities, bigger companies, and bigger roles in life, but it does take its toll on your personal life especially if you are moving around frequently. There are certain things that you can do to balance your work and your personal life while living abroad to make sure that you experience only the great things about being an expat. Here are some of the best ways to help you balance your work and personal life abroad.

Organize Your Life

The reason why most of us find that even twenty-four hours in a day are not enough to get everything done arises only when we don’t plan things.  There will always be things which will crop up from time to time and we may have to make room for the out of ordinary stuff but that is what life is all about.

Keep a list of things to do for every week. Don’t restrict this list to work commitments alone but extend it to family time, socializing, exercise and hobbies if you have any. Once you make a schedule, follow it diligently. It will be a little hard to begin with but eventually things will fall in place. You will be surprised by how this simple activity will help you get things done with efficiency and ease.

Stress Busters

Some amount of stress is essential to bring out the best in a person. It is only when things get out of control that we start feeling stressed out. Find a stress buster that works for you. It could be spending time with your pet, indulging in sport or a hobby……or any other way in which you can expend your energy to create something.

Invest in Your Own Well Being

The best investment that we can make is in our own health and well-being and all you need to do is devote just thirty minutes daily to get great results. The options are numerous and some of them don’t even cost a thing….a brisk walk, jogging, breathing exercises and yoga are some things you can do to enhance your well-being.

Each time you achieve something…reward yourself with something to feel better mentally and physically like a spa treatment or massage. 

If you get invited to business meetings over lunch or dinner, eat a home cooked meal ahead and simply nibble on the offerings later. Better still choose to meet for brunch at a salad bar or simply order healthy things like soups and salads to ensure you don’t over eat if you cannot escape eating out.


Loneliness and depression caused by it are big problems for expatriates especially if they are single or live away from their families. Find out about expatriate clubs in the city to meet up with like-minded people and unwind.


If your family lives with you then make time for them. If a full-fledged family outing is not possible then a trip to the grocery store with your spouse and kids with a quick bite thrown in is the next best alternative. Ensure that you eat at least one meal together every day and make that time special. Don’t take phone calls or watch television instead use that time to connect with each other. 

Explore the Locale

The best part of life in another country is the opportunity to explore new places. Weekend getaways, overnight camps or fishing trips are great occasions for you to get away from it all and enjoy time with friends and family.

Make a Difference

Associating yourself with a cause like teaching orphans and destitute children, volunteering at an old home or local hospital, reading to the blind are great ways of making a difference to the lives of less fortunate people around you. It is also one way of appreciating the gifts that you have and very often take for granted. You will be surprised at how small your own problems will seem. Here are just some of the organisations you can join to make a difference abroad:


VSO International