Last updated 1 August 2016

Living Walls: A Growing TrendLiving Walls A Growing Trend

Living Walls A Growing TrendA modern trend in green design, living or green walls are vertical gardens that are attached to indoor and outdoor walls.

Having living walls can benefit you by conserving space, reducing stress, providing buildings with insulation and reducing energy costs. They also remove toxins and other harmful impurities from the air that people breathe in, due to the use of certain air-purifying plants such as azalea, bamboo palm, aloe vera and peace lilies.

When making a living wall, it is best to select an environment that can give the plants the right amount of light that they needed for nutrition and survival. Largely self-sufficient and decorative, these walls are a great way to include a little more green into your home or office!

Photo: Lian Shun Technolngy (M) Sdn .Bhd LEAF

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