Local vs International


Most of your insurance needs will be local, but not all of them. The mobile lifestyle thatexpatriates are living brings activities and situations that require access to specific insurance risk assessments and products to go along with. One such example is evacuation and repatriation.

Also, local plans may not match up in terms of international standards. International plans give access to medical assistance and facilities worldwide, and operates on the language and currency of your choice. Its features are further detailed under the “Why international health insurance?” section.

Having portability in all insurance products is crucial for globally-mobile employees and families. For instance, your personal belongings will be held in not one, but multiple places around the world. Your third party liability might not be linked to your home country home insurance anymore and your travel medical insurance might not cover you for medical expenses as soon as you have gained residence in your new host countries. These are just some considerations. Portability can come between insurers – if you move from one job to the other – or between countries, if you need the risk cover to follow you or treatment to be given to in another location.


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